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Welcome to Amy’s Fluffly Friends

Pet Grooming and Care All In One


Help your furry friend look and feel great with Amy’s Fluffy Friends.  At Amy’s Fluffy Friends I love what I do and I think it shows! I want to make you and your pet as comfortable and happy as possible during the grooming process.  I know grooming can be stressful and uncomfortable especially for the young and inexperienced, the nervous and the elderly pets, so if they need to be kenneled till they feel safe that is an option for them while they are in my care for grooming.   I also work by appointment and when possible work with each pet straight through thus limiting the time away from home.

Your satisfaction with our work is important as well so I will consult with you beforehand to discuss what your expectations are, what is best for your pet, lifestyle, breed, type of coat, condition  and budget.  I will offer our expert opinion and best advice with regard to your pet’s comfort level, our abilities and reasonable pricing to make your experience memorable.

I am happy to consider your pet’s special needs, will offer the gentle care needed by your elderly or physically disabled pets and nurture and reassure your insecure puppy.  I may, however require a veterinary release for extremely geriatric, terminally ill or disabled pets.

I do reserve the right to refuse to service unhealthy, unruly or aggressive pets.  Further, I will not allow pets that appear to be sick or are infested with fleas, ticks or other parasites.

All pets are required to have current vaccination records available, particularly Bordetella or kennel cough vaccines must see proof of it at the time of services.

“I treat your pets as I do my own, your pets are very important to me!!!”

History of Amy’s Fluffy Friends


After much trial and error I found my calling.  “Amy’s Fluffy Friends.” It started in March of 2011. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Dog Grooming where I become a Certified Dog Groomer.

My first location was at the west end of Batavia, from there I moved to Corfu.  I met a lot of nice people during this time but my heart was to be at my home, back in Downtown Batavia.  After sometime searching, I found a place I could call home at 238 Ellicott Street (Across from the famous Pok-a-dot restaurant). I love it here, the people are very sweet and kind.  I have lived in and around the Batavia area all of my life.  I am looking forward to growing with my community and being the type of professional groomer you need to care for your “Fluffy Friend”.

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